Today’s Assignment: About a Five

Published May 16, 2008 by ideamaker

A girl grows up being ridiculed because she is considered unattractive and shy. She is branded a “five” by her classmates cruel appearance rating system. When she is in a car accident she undergoes plastic surgery which makes here beautiful. She uses her new found beauty to seek revenge on men in general and those who’ve hurt her.

Got a Story to Tell?

Published May 15, 2008 by ideamaker

My favorite part of the writing process has always been the ideas phase. I can come up with ideas for days. And, titles? Fogettaboutit. This blog is my way of bringing all my aborted tales back from the grave. I’ve got 5-page novels and half-an-act movies. I’ve got titles and stories that have no “real” characters –  only one-name, no-face protagonists who were born and remained in infancy. So, I offer to the world the premises with no more than a paragraph of dialogue and the story-book endings with no beginning or middle. Maybe you can do something with them, I’ve already done the hard part : )


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